IQOE Science Committee (2016-2018)

The Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) and the Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans (POGO) have appointed a Science Committee to take the lead on implementation of the IQOE Science Plan.


George Frisk, Florida Atlantic University/Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. (USA)
Peter Tyack, Sea Mammal Research Unit, University of St. Andrews (UK)

Other Members

Olaf Boebel, Alfred Wegener Insitute for Polar and Sea Research (Germany)
Christ de Jong, TNO (The Netherlands)
Robert McCauley, Curtin University (Australia)
Jennifer Miksis-Olds, University of New Hampshire (USA)
Hanne Sagen, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (Norway)
Steve Simpson, University of Exeter (UK)
Jakob Tougaard, Aarhus University (Denmark)
Alexander Vedenev, P.P Shirshov Inst. of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)

Terms of Reference

The IQOE Science Committee (SC) has the primary responsibility for coordination and management of IQOE activities that are international in nature. The main duties of the IQOE SC include the following: 

  • Advocate for and coordinate international activities of the IQOE Science Plan
  • Review and report annually on progress in project implementation
  • Refine the future project agenda annually and propose updates to the Science Plan as necessary
  • Develop and oversee any subcommittees, working groups, and task teams necessary to implement international activities related to the IQOE Science Plan
  • Establish and oversee the IQOE International Project Office (IPO) and its staff
  • Serve as a resource for national committees
  • Organize planning workshops as needed to establish research and observational priorities
  • Promote partnerships with other projects and organizations to achieve IQOE goals
  • Promote discussion about IQOE benefits with and among all stakeholders
  • Endorse proposals for activities that are directly within the IQOE Science Plan or whose results can add to IQOE
  • Define IQOE products
  • Seek financial resources from national and international funding sources to support the implementation of IQOE
  • Foster dissemination of the findings of the IQOE program
  • Define indicators and metrics for evaluation and demonstration of IQOE progress