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Can you hear the noise? Environmental licensing of seismic surveys in Brazil faces uncertain future after 18 years protecting biodiversity, Vilardo, Cristiano, and Barbosa André Favaretto , Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation, (Submitted)
The effect of motorboat sound on Australian snapper Pagrus auratus inside and outside a marine reserve, F., Mensinger Allen, L. Putland Rosalyn, and A. Radford Craig , Ecology and Evolution, (Submitted)
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Long-Term and Seasonal Changes of Large Whale Call Frequency in the Southern Indian Ocean, Leroy, Emmanuelle C., Royer Jean-Yves, Bonnel Julien, and Samaran Flore , Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, (Submitted)
Long-Term and Seasonal Changes of Large Whale Call Frequency in the Southern Indian Ocean, Leroy, Emmanuelle C., Royer Jean-Yves, Bonnel Julien, and Samaran Flore , Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, (Submitted)
Long-term sound and movement recording tags to study natural behavior and reaction to ship noise of seals, Mikkelsen, Lonnie, Johnson Mark, Wiśniewska Danuta Maria, van Neer Abbo, Siebert Ursula, Madsen Peter Teglberg, and Teilmann Jonas , Ecology and Evolution, (Submitted)
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