Fundamental Questions

Underlying the IQOE are five fundamental questions:

  1. How have human activities affected the global ocean soundscape compared with natural
    changes over geologic time?
  2. What are the current levels and distribution of sound in the ocean?
  3. What are the trends in sound levels across the global ocean?
  4. What are the current effects of anthropogenic sound on important marine animal populations?
  5. What are the potential future effects of sound on marine life?

These questions will be addressed within four IQOE Themes. Questions 1-3 will be addressed by Theme 1, and Questions 4 and 5 will be addressed by Theme 2. Theme 2 will build on Theme 1 and Theme 3 will build on both Themes 1 and 2. The three themes are divided into key questions and research approaches to each of these questions. Theme 1 will primarily be addressed by ocean acousticians and Theme 2 by marine biologists, but there will need to be an unprecedented level of cooperation between these two communities to ensure the success of the IQOE.