Data Management and Access

Data Management and Access


Rob McCauley (Australia)

Other Members

Lucy Dickinson (UK)

Robert Dziak (USA)

Tryggvi Edwald (Austria)

Torill Hamre (Norway)

Reyna Jenkyns (Canada)

Niels Kinneging (Netherlands)

G. Latha (India)

Marie Roch (USA)

Carrie Wall Bell (USA)

Terms of Reference

The IQOE Working Group on Data Management and Access will conduct the following activities:

  • Develop an IQOE data policy
  • Network national and international data managers who deal with acoustic and bioacoustic data
  • Review existing management of acoustic and bioacoustic data and standards for data management
  • Recommend whether data or metadata will be managed by IQOE (may differ by parameter measured), that is, whether data management will be centralized or distributed
  • Recommend where IQOE data and/or metadata will be managed, and interact with data managers
  • Recommend standards and formats for submission of IQOE data and metadata, and identify data quality standards
  • Data calibration
  • Identify and co-ordinate the delivery of data products, including Web services
  • Consider establishing model-data synergy workshops
  • Oversee content of WG’s Web page (being constructed)
  • Identify historical datasets (acoustic and bioacoustic) that could help IQOE achieve its goals
  • Lower technical, financial and juridical obstacles for exchange of acoustic and bioacoustic data